Polaroid Week Part II

These are the last photos that I have to share for polaroid week this year - I'm a little sad that I don't have any for tomorrow, but overall, I'm just really happy to be taking part. 

Silver Shade 1-5
Silver Shade 1-7
Silver Shade 1-8
Silver Shade 1-6

It is results like these that make me wish I had an unlimited supply of pennies to spend on film :) 

Camera: Polaroid 600
Film: Impossible Project PX600 Silver Shade
Location: My garden, Leeds

12 for 2012 - Camera 3

As part of my 'take more photos' goal for this year - I decided that I wanted to use more of the cameras that I haven't actually used before in my collection. I'll admit that March's camera nearly didn't happen... I had an idea to use one of my unused 35mm cameras, but the month flew by and it got to last weekend and I realised... oops, it's 31st of March.

Luckily for me, earlier in March the Impossible Project film and polaroid camera that I won from One Pearl Button arrived (Thank you so much again Alli!) and I decided that March was the month to try it!

Rather than using the camera that arrived with the film (I think I'll pop the B&W film in there) I decided to try out the first polaroid camera that Thomas found for me in 2009, I remember being so excited about it at the time so it seems unbelievable to me that I still haven't used it...

Overall, I'm undecided on these photos... I love polaroids but I think that I love otherphotographerspolaroidresults more than I ever like my own. How do they do it?! These results to me look really green (and I'm not a fan of green in photos) and I am still disappointed by the undeveloped patches (apparently a known problem to The Impossible Project but still...) especially in that last photo, there should have been a beautiful blossom tree there.

Perhaps I'll get the hang of them eventually. Or perhaps I'll leave it to the more patient experts...

Camera: Polaroid P 600
Film: Impossible Project PX680 Colour Shade
Location: Kirkstall Abbey