I am fully immersed in a digital world. I'm a digital designer working with 3D digital building models, 2D digital plans, I produce digital media using programs such Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. I write a digital blog and LOVE online social media. I communicate through texts, emails, Whatsapp, Twitter and if I'm not on those, I'm usually hanging around on Instagram taking in all the beautiful pixels that the world offers... AND YET my favourite photography medium is film.

This blog is here to show you why I love film photography so much and also, hopefully inspire you to pick up a film camera as well. It's also here so show you how to slow down, enjoy the moment, compose yourself (and your photos), soak in the light and enjoy taking photos.

What once started as a fun blog idea has now become my passion and free time absorber. When the sun is shining you can usually find me out with a camera - and sometimes even when the clouds are grey too. Read my blog, enjoy my photos taken with different cameras, or using different films - but definitely hang around for a while, make yourself at home and maybe even learn something new!