Kirkstall Abbey Polaroids!

Eeeeeee, we had the most amazing weekend ever! Adele is amazing and pretty and lovely and adorable and so kind... gah, I love her and I am still so happy that she came to visit (especially after her terrible journey to get here!) I have so much I want to share but first... polaroids. After chatting with Adele about the impossible film that we both tried, I decided to brave it and take the rest of mine with us on our walk around the abbey and they turned out well!!


{we kind of look a bit like ghosts...}

I'm so excited about them, I think the last two may even be shop worthy! What do you think?

I'm so glad that I tried using these again... now I just have to resist buying the new ones!!

p.s. you can't tell but Adele is wearing a yellow skirt... just one of the reasons she is amazing.