Flower love

It feels like its been ages since I shared some flower photos (though it probably isn’t really) so here are some lovely ones that I spotted in Tropical World in Leeds. I have other photos to share but I had to share these first of course.

No surprise that I’m particularly taken with the yellow ones especially - and actually I’m really pleased that I got the colour ok with the scanning of that photo too.

Camera: Minolta X-500
Film: Lomography CN 400
Tropical World, Leeds

More nephew photos (spoiler: he's my fave)

My nephew is growing guys! He can walk, he can talk, he can feed the birds and most importantly, he can send me kisses on the phone - which I tell you, melts my heart right to the core!

Luckily for me, we are seeing him again very soon - so I’ll get another chance to take photos and share his sweet face some more. Being an auntie is the best!

Camera: Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Roundhay Park, Leeds