Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000

As part of Emulsive Secret Santa I received a Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000 camera and some Lomography CN400 film (a big fave of mine!) I hadn’t heard of this camera before so I was excited to try it out - and as usual my first port of call for taking photos was Kirkstall Abbey.


Overall the results from this first roll of film were mixed, mostly due to user error rather than anything to do with the camera. Now that I’ve spent more time figuring out my style of photos I struggle with cameras that have fixed lens as I prefer being more in control of the focus - its one of the reasons I love my Canon EOS 750 so much and that I use my Refurb LC-A less than I did a couple of years ago.

That being said - the photos that did turn out well, turned out really well - like these four especially.

Camera: Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

The first test photos

As per my usual standard, and before the snow arrived, the first photos I took with my new to me Minolta Dynax 300si was old faithful Kirkstall Abbey. 

I think they turned out well - in focus at least! The weather was a bit dull which shows (it was still winter) but overall, I'm super happy. AND those whoopie pies in the last photo - vegan and gluten free!!! Oh gosh I nearly cried when I ate them because they were delicious and I haven't been about to buy cake since October. OCTOBER. Intolerances are quite challenging thats for sure. Thank goodness for specialist bakeries (this was Wildcraft Bakery in Leeds, my new favourite place ever)!

Camera: Minolta Dynax 300si
Film: Kodak Gold 200

Around where I live

I haven't added to this series for a while but moving house earlier this year has me walking a lot more around the area and I even get to walk past Kirkstall Abbey every day too! I usually stop at the spot I took the photo below to admire it - it really is lovely in any weather or season!

I took the last photo as my husband loves cats and this one was looking so intently at something to the left that it made me chuckle that it didn't even notice me. Of course as I went to take the photo it finally realised I was there and gave me the stare you can see above haha. Cats huh.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomography CN 400