Trying new films - Dubblefilm Jelly!

Hi all! Its been a while since I’ve been around as I decided to take the Summer off after a crazy grueling couple of months finishing off my first year of University (I got a 1st woop). Luckily I have been beavering away in the back ground, slowly updating all my old blog posts with Flickr links to Squarespace uploads (all film photo posts from 2011-2015 - I’ve done a year and a half so far) and sorting out the photos that I’ve taken this year ready to share with you when I was ready. And today is that day.

I can’t quite believe my luck at being contacted by amazing people at the moment and recently Analogue Wonderland contacted me about trying some new films. I said ‘yes please…’ followed of course by ‘thank you so much’ (being that I’m terribly British) and as well as being so generous, Paul at Analogue Wonderland has been incredibly patient with me knowing all the work I’ve had to do and also forgiving to the fact that I nearly broke one of the films that I was sent (I’m pretty sure its ok, we’ll see - its all part of the fun!)

As I’ve been going through my blog archives (I personally think I peaked in 2011/2012, so thanks for hanging around lol) I realised that I haven’t been that adventurous with film lately - and the first film I chose is so far beyond my current comfort zone that I’m surprised by the extent of how much I LOVE the results! So lets have a look at Dubblefilms Jelly.

Oh my, are you swooning? I’m swooooning at these. Those colours! Just wow! I tried to take a variety of photos to really test this film thoroughly and I love them all - the close details, the further away landscapes, the sneaky photo of a painter. Just LOVE them - I will 100% be buying this film at some point because its just so fun. The film stock has also been upgraded from 24 exposures to 36 which I’m very excited about.

I will also add that this film was super easy to scan too with very consistent results, I barely tweaked them at all. And that folks, is a winner for me. Colour film can be an absolute pain to scan, so brownie points all round for an easy experience.

Before being contacted by Analogue Wonderland I was looking at their store with interest as not only do they have such fun films to try, they also have really reasonable postage prices (both in the UK and around the world, I checked for you) and I also see them actively engaging with the #believeinfilm community on Twitter which is wonderful too.

So, are you usually a fan of such colourful and quirky films now? I will confess that I originally thought they were a bit gimmicky - but now that I’ve tried them, I’m totally converted and with 6 Dubblefilm films to chose from, you can’t go wrong!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Dubblefilm Jelly (generously gifted to me by Analogue Wonderland - do check them out, they’re fab!)
Location: Various places around Yorkshire (I love living here)