The first test photos

As per my usual standard, and before the snow arrived, the first photos I took with my new to me Minolta Dynax 300si was old faithful Kirkstall Abbey. 

I think they turned out well - in focus at least! The weather was a bit dull which shows (it was still winter) but overall, I'm super happy. AND those whoopie pies in the last photo - vegan and gluten free!!! Oh gosh I nearly cried when I ate them because they were delicious and I haven't been about to buy cake since October. OCTOBER. Intolerances are quite challenging thats for sure. Thank goodness for specialist bakeries (this was Wildcraft Bakery in Leeds, my new favourite place ever)!

Camera: Minolta Dynax 300si
Film: Kodak Gold 200

Looking for Yellow

I had about half a film left in a camera that I was impatient to develop (impatient, me?? ha) so I decided to give myself a little project around Leeds - looking for my favourite colour! I saw someone do this on Twitter and thought it was a really fun idea (totally forgot who, bother).

It was so fun and yellow was in all sorts of places that I didn't expect (and some kind of obvious ones too). I'd just stopped eating dairy at the time too - so I felt a little mocked by the Caramac wrapper and the Mcdonalds cup (which could have been my favourite strawberry milkshake sigh) but I snapped them anyway haha.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomo 400 CN
Location: Leeds