More Ektar love

I couldn’t just share one post about Kodak Ektar after discovering that I can actually scan it! I’m so excited to share more photos from from this roll.

These photos are also from York Gate Garden - I think I’ll be getting a year pass next year just so I can go back and take regular photos of this lovely garden, so definitely expect more photos from here at some point in the future!


Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak Ektar 100 - sent to me for free by
Kodak Alaris and scanned (successfully) by myself woo!
Location: York Gate Garden, Leeds

Falling back in love...

For the longest time I used Kodak Ektar regularly and was totally smitten with the results (see my Kodak Ektar gallery for some of my favourites!). Then just after our wedding, I attempted to scan two rolls of myself for the first time rather than getting them scanned by someone else. It did not go well. To the point of where I haven’t shared any of the photos from those rolls because I was so gutted about it. I’m even sadder to say that I haven’t used Kodak Ektar since either… I know - I was that upset about it.

Then… Kodak Alaris contacted me about sharing some summer photos using Kodak Ektar 100 and I figured (after some serious thought) that maybe after 4 years, I could give it another go… its been long enough right - I’ve got much better at scanning colour films (I think anyway haha… I hope!) and maybe those two rolls were just flukes.


Well… I’m delighted to say that I am back in love with Ektar film again. And… I feel bad that I gave it such a long break as well! This roll of film was a delight to scan - quick, with minimal tweaking - mostly to my personal preference of how I wanted each photo to look - and honestly, I’m so, so happy!

It also helps that these photos were taken at the delightful York Gate Garden in Leeds that is just one acre in size yet crams so much in! The first time we visited I didn’t take a film camera with me and I regretted it, so this roll had a lot of mistakes to make up for.

The scratches are not consistent with this film I very quickly want to point out! I think its from the developing rather than the film or camera - which I’m annoyed about but what can I do. However I quite like the look of them and didn’t fancy fixing them all up, so they’re staying.

Are you a fan of Ektar film too? Have you fallen out of love with a film for a little while too? Hopefully I’m not alone in that respect haha!

Either way I can’t wait to use this film again!!

Camera: Canon EOS 750 (I really do use it this much Jim, its my go to!)
Film: Kodak Ektar 100 - sent to me for free by
Kodak Alaris and scanned (successfully) by myself woo!
Location: York Gate Garden, Leeds