Friday's little letters,

{random sign post at Caernarfon Castle}
I love a spontaneous post!

Dear Leeds,
Please let me find a nice 2 bed house with a garden, close to where we live now, with 2 storeys and good storage. I know its alot to ask, but hopefully by putting it out there something will come along...

Dear weekend,
You got here sooner than I expected and honestly this week wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I'm still super excited to see you - you should be so much fun!

Dear Nicole,
If I could get over there and hug you I would - perhaps we need to invent some kind of teleporter??

Dear blogroll,
You take up more time than anything else on my blog does but boy are you going to look pretty! I could look at you all day!

Dear future wedding,
I can't seem to help planning you out in my head at the moment with all my friends and family getting married... When we're ready for you, you are going to be amazing!!
(We're just not ready for you yet... or even for a while... sorry!)

Dear lil sis,
I am however totally ready for your wedding! Bring it on!

Dear Toy Story 3,
Why are you not out here yet?!?!?! I'm dying over here...

Dear Inception,
I am expecting amazing things

Not just because of Leo and Joseph, though that does help
though be warned The Matrix is my favourite film :)

Dear Fridays links,
You are my favourite and I don't want to forget about you so I'm putting you right here!

Dear next week on my blog,
I am e.x.c.i.t.e.d. You may be my most fun/best blog week ever.
(it has to happen now I've said that right?)

Dear For the easily distracted... readers,
I hope your weekends are as amazing as you are!

Little letters...

{Photo taken in Scarborough with my Yashica Autofocus, I heart that camera}
Dear little blog,
Its odd to think that when we started we were both completely different. It's just a shame I'm stuck in the same job and it frustrates me. But you are still my haven and even though I'm feeling a little lost, I am going to pull it together and you will be my happy place again.

Dear Sunshine,
You make me happy but where is the warmth?
I want to wear my shorts (yes, I have shorts!!) and finally wear my yellow tights.

Dear poloroid camera,
After all the letters and the waiting - I'm afraid that we don't really get on as well as I had hoped... part of me is a little sad but the other is really happy that I seem to have found my medium in 35mm film and that I can enjoy looking at other peoples polaroids appreciating how incredible their work really is!

Dear fuji instax,
Don't worry I still adore you... we get along just fine.

Dear buses,
You seem to be running on time recently, I can't decide whether to be happy or suspicious.

Dear cookies,
It seems out of all the sugary foods that I miss you the most.
I'm worried now though that the next one I have won't live up to my expectations....

Dear negativity,
You creep up on me when I least expect it and you are starting to annoy me.

Dear self imposed blog rules,
I might start ignoring some of you soon, just to see what happens!

Dear moleskines,
All of a sudden I want to write and draw in you...
I just need to buy one first.
Do they come in yellow?!
{as always inspired by the beautiful Naomi from Rockstar Diaries!}