Forgotten Photos: Bempton Cliffs

Again this is a place that I have posted about before: Bempton Cliffs. However, I failed to mention before was that I had more than one camera with me (of course...) so here are the photos from Bempton Cliffs taken with my Yashica Autofocus.

{Our Dad's are in this one too, and Thomas's Mum, I never noticed before}


{these people however, I do not know...}

I know I keep saying this, but I need to use this camera more!

Camera: Yashica Autofocus
Film: Kodak ISO 200 
Location: Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire

Forgotten Photos: Krakow Town Hall

I've been checking through my Flickr

(It's my favourite self indulgent hobby)

and I realised that over 100 photos from Krakow weren't on there! So here are some forgotten photos with my two yashica cameras from the top of Krakow Town Hall.

It still amuses me that the photo of me really didn't work out but the light is pretty anyway...It really doesn't feel like that long since we were there.

Luckily this weekend I took two rolls of film, so hopefully my blog mojo will come back with some new photos - anyone else suffering from blogger blues at the moment? Is it the time of the year?

Cameras: Yashica Autofocus and Yashica Samurai
Film: Kodak ISO 200
Location: Krakow Town Hall, Poland