Little letters...

Cute Mimi the Pug heart card by Cuore

Dear Sugar,
It's been over two weeks now without you (or processed foods) in our diet now and I'll be honest, I do miss brownies and cookies... however I love feeling healthy, sleeping better, eating more fruit and vegetables and the fact that the bags under my eyes are not as dark anymore.
(woo, I still can't believe that benefit)

Dear mixed seeds,
You are my new favourite snack... yum.

Dear polaroid camera,
I'm still engaged in the poloroid film debate in my head but I promise I'll let you know the outcome when I know.

Dear followers....
Hi!! Yeay that you're here, you are awesome!

Dear AutoCAD,
Stop crashing.

Dear Seychelles Footwear,
Please deliver to England...
(without costing me a fortune)

Dear Spring,
Hurry up, I want to go out and take photos in the sunshine!

Dear future pug,
I'm working on convincing Boyfriend that you are seriously cute and we should get you
(he's working on us buying a kitten still... he'll probably win...)

Dear future,
Once again, I am very excited about what you may hold...
I can't wait for the rest of this year!

{as always inspired by the beautiful Naomi from Rockstar Diaries!}