English Countryside

Just looking at these photos makes me feel incredibly calm for some reason - perhaps its the soft blur the Helios lens adds to the photos (I really need to use this camera again soon!)  or perhaps its the content of the photos. Either way, they're making me happy! How did I forget that I took these last year?!

Camera: Zenit E
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Ilkley, Yorkshire

'Norfolk's loveliest village'

Whilst we were in Norfolk in September, we had a little walk around Burnham Market - self described as 'Norfolk's loveliest village' and I will agree that is a very quaint place indeed.(Although the website and these photos don't really show how much of a nightmare parking is there ha)


I took the complete husband photo as a joke for Thomas (as we'd been married about 3 days at this point) so I'm a little sad it didn't fully work out but oh well.  

Camera: Zenit E
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras Black and White C41 film
Location: Burnham Market, Norfolk

Creake Abbey Part III

Some little details that I spotted walking between the Cafe and the Abbey, including a friendly horse and even more coins.

I've only used my Zenit E twice so far but looking at these again is making me itch to take it out for some more photographic adventures together, I really love the photos I can take with it.

Camera: Zenit E
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras B&W Film
Location: Creake Abbey, Norfolk