The first photos taken with my Minolta X-500

I’ve shared quite a few photos from this camera now and its really grown on me. I hadn’t developed black and white film anywhere before when I got this camera as part of the Emulsive secret santa but it also came with a film of Kodak Tmax 400 film, so I figured the best way to start using it was with the film I was given.

I’ve talked about this film quite a bit recently after being sent some by Kodak and I am still loving all my results that I’ve had with it so far. Its dreamy yet got such a stark contrast, which I loooove.

I was absolutely delighted when I saw these as I was on my 3rd roll in that camera by then and relieved that I liked the photos. Its definitely coming away with us when we go away soon!

Camera: Minolta X-500
Film: Kodak TMax 400 (a new fave)
Location: Leeds


So I’m predictable… I know that… you probably know that by now. There are things I just take photos of when I see them - and boats - for some reason - is one of them.

I’ve so neglected my blog lately that these are from the beginning of 2018 - from even before we went to Edinburgh. I’m a little ashamed… but mostly excited because I actually have loads of photos to share with you now. Hopefully you’re excited too.

These were taken in Norfolk and they’re making me a little bit homesick. With my new term for Uni coming up soon, I’m not actually sure when I’ll get to go home - though we did have a longer visit during the Summer which was lovely. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later though.

Camera: Minolta X-500
Film: TMax 400
Location: Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk

Yorkshire Dales: Signposts

As with the Kodak TMax 400 that Kodak Alaris sent me, I tested the Kodak Tri-X 400 in a similar way by taking photos of my favourite subject - the litte details. Again I’m reminded that I could easily change my blog title to ‘lovely light and little details’ and it would pretty much sum up what I do here haha.

I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to taking photos of these style signposts but I had to keep catching Thomas up on our walks haha. Perhaps to remember where I’ve been?

Either way I’m quite taken with the results of these photos. The first photo especially has a rather luscious grain I think. Its not quite as smooth as the romantic TMax 400 but I think I prefer it. My eye sight is pretty shocking (I won’t tell you my prescription lol) and one of the reasons I’ve continued using film for so long is that I find it so perfectly represents how I see the world.

Film: Kodak Tri-X 400 - sent to me by Kodak Alaris and developed by The Latent Image (not for free, I would just highly recommend them)

Location: Around Reeth, The Yorkshire Dales
Camera: Canon EOS 750