Creake Abbey Part I

First, I have a new template on my blog - hurrah! I get bored fairly quickly of layouts I've found and it took me all of last week to realise that was why I didn't really feel like blogging at the moment - but now things are a bit cleaner and simpler I'm glad to be back. What do you think?

I'm excited to be sharing photos from Creake Abbey here today - we had some of our wedding photos taken here in September (you can see one here, I love it) and we went back again to visit with friends and family the week after the wedding as well and of course I took my cameras with me. 

The abbey isn't that big - especially compared to Kirkstall Abbey near us and definitely compared to Fountains Abbey which is huge but its charming and delightful and I'm glad I got a chance to capture that myself on film. I'm always going to be extra fond of it after having our photos taken there I think.

I'm really pleased with the results from my second roll of film taken with my new to me Zenit E as well - I think I'll be taking it out with some black and white film again very soon.

Camera: Zenit E
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras C41 B&W film
Location: Creake Abbey, Norfolk