Goodbye 2013...

And hello 2014!

I'm normally much more organised with putting these posts together but that sentence alone probably sums up my 2013 year - unusual, a bit chaotic and mostly, disorganised. A very 'un me' year... but its done now and 2014 is a fresh start - and for that I am very grateful.

One of my favourite things about review posts is that they make you realise all the good things that happened in your year rather than focusing on the negative and although 2013 was mentally very hard for me, it was actually really busy with holidays, lots of exciting events, trips with family and friends and even a few visits to the beach (which always makes me happy). So lets go...

In January...


It snowed...

And it snowed some more.

In February...

I wrote two of my favourite posts from 2013 - Why I love this photo and Someone who loves.

Oh and I also found my Zenit B camera for a £10, I think it was the best tenner that I spent all year :)

In March...


We went to Blackpool for a long weekend which was wonderful and included a visit to the zoo.

And it was my Dad's 50th birthday - we celebrated with a day on the Norfolk Broads.

Oh and I also joined Society6.

In April...


We visited Fountains Abbey and I fell in love with abbey's all over again. Such a lovely location.

And we went to the beach twice - Sunny Hunny (or Hunstanton to everyone else...) and Hemsby! I love the Norfolk coast.

It was also my Grandad's 80th birthday and my parents left Attlebridge and moved into their new bungalow... it was a bit of a crazy month actually.

In May...


Compared to April, May was pretty relaxed. We went on a few days trips and I got really excited about Spring coming to our little garden.

I also rather casually took part the Blog Every Day in May challenge organised by Elizabeth at Rosalilium - I really enjoyed it even if I didn't manage to actually blog every day.

In June...


We went to Berwick for a week with my family - it was a very busy week - we went to Edinburgh, the Farne Islands, Bamburgh, Lindisfarne and St Abb's Head. It was definitely one of my favourite weeks of the year.

Oh and I documented our peonies again. I love them.

In July...

Silver Shade 1-4

It was Polaroid Week and I shared not one, but two posts of photos which I was really happy about.

And my Dad and I both received amazing portraits from my blog friend Megan from Studio MME.

In August...


I once again took part in Susannah Conway's August Break on my blog and it was great!

I also shared some photos from August here.

In September...


We went to Split in Croatia and enjoyed a week in the sunshine! It was amazing and just what Thomas and I both needed :) I also took a lot of photos which I haven't finished posting yet, oops. (See disorganised above...)

In October...

It was a busy month! We went to a wedding, I helped plan and host a hen party and I did a lot of crochet.

We also enjoyed a day out in York with my sister and her husband, yeay for day trips.

In November...


We finally got our day in Haworth, hurray!

I also wrote a post about film photography that I was pretty pleased with.

And I visited one of my best friends in London for a weekend, but didn't take any photos, oops.

In December...

2013-12-22 12.31.40.jpg

We chilled out, yeay!!  In fact it was one of the nicest Decembers I can remember, we spent a week at home for Christmas celebrating with our families and then had a few days just us as well and it was perfect.

So there you go - 2013 in a nut shell. I'm feeling hopeful about this year, 2014, though 2013 took some unexpected turns for me, so I can imagine 2014 might very well do the same.

Happy New Year!!


p.s. You can see my previous end of year recaps here: 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012. Time flies when you're having fun (and blogging...)