Goodbye 2012!

I love end of year recap posts. I'm still amazed that this is my 4th one on here.

Normally a year seems to fly by, but 2012 seems to have been the longest year... so much has happened but overall, I think I've come out of it happier. I've definitely come out with lots of photos, though I'm not sure I managed my 52 rolls of film target that I set last year, it's over 40 though so I'm happy with that.

In January...

[flickr video=6730052485 secret=28cb5b72e2 w=500 h=375]

We enjoyed Winter walks around Kirkstall Abbey and I experimented with my Lomokino...

and I started my 12 for 2012 camera project with a flop.

In February...


We saw snow on the beach where my new LC-A died and nearly broke my heart...


We also celebrated my amazing Mum's 50th birthday and spent a family weekend in an amazing barn near The Lake District.

In March...

I planned and hosted my little sister's Hen Party...

and I took lots of pretty pictures of Spring in Leeds.

In April...


and Ada came to visit us in Leeds.

In May...



My little sister got married!!!! (and I got caught crying on camera, twice...)



and even Harry got his own photoshoot too.

All wedding and Harry photos are by Daniel from Lightening Photography and used with his permission.

In June...


I received my replacement LC-A from Lomography and I took it everywhere with me... in fact, it hasn't left my side since, I love it!


I also took part in my first double exposure film swap, which was so fun!

In July...

I officially became an author, contributing my first handbook to Gadchick.



and I moved my blog to Wordpress and got my own dot com site! What an excited month July was! (the photo is my first layout)

In August...


I took part in Susannah Conway's August Break again, sharing lots of photos including some from my Double Dip camera.



and I saw the two gold painted post boxes in Leeds.

In September...

We went to Whitby for a week and it was perfect. I took a lot of photos.

In October...


Zoe from Ladybird Likes came to visit and we went on a little photo walk around Kirkstall Abbey.

In November...


We took it pretty easy after a busy year and enjoyed the Christmas preparations and celebrations.



Oh, and... I managed to fit in another book for Gadchick just as the year ended. Yup, I wrote two books in 2012. That was pretty unexpected, but so amazing!

What a year it's been! I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.

p.s. You can see my previous end of year recaps here: 2009, 2010& 2011. Time flies when you're having fun (and blogging...)