Snow on film, part 1


I think I may have tested the limits of my little LC-A a bit too far by using a 100 ISO film in winter on a dull day and I have no excuse other than I was very excited about getting some Kodak Ektar film for Christmas and I was impatient... I'll try and restrain myself with it until it gets brighter now.

However, I'm still pretty thrilled with these results, as they do show the colours and feel of the morning so much better than my phone did in colour (which is why all the other photos are B&W, I'm not going to talk about the issues I have with white balance settings) I really do love the tones of this film and I'm glad even tested to its limits that they still show.

Luckily, I also took some photos with this roll of film in the sunshine at the beginning of the month, which have been featured today on Clio's blog as part of her Friends & Film series (another film blog series I just love) so if you want to see some sunshine and even lovelier colour tones from this film, please check out my featurethere. Also Clio's blog is lovely, her photography is beautiful and thoughtful, so its a double win.

Camera: Refurbished LC-AFilm: Kodak Ektar 100Location: Walking to work, Leeds.