Goodbye 2011

I love end of year recaps, it's so fun to remember the good things about a year I think and blogging definitely helps me with that! This year has flown by, it has definitely had it's up and it's downs but overall, I think it was pretty good to me - it could have been an awful lot worse.

In January... 

Thomas and I went on our first documented 'little photography' date.

...and I celebrated my Diana Mini for a week with some blog friends.

In February...


I dabbled a bit with the Lomography redscale film.

...and I talked about how I feel when I take a photo

(one of my favourite ever posts)

In March...


We went to Liverpool and I used my first ever black and white film.

...and I took my first ever

fuji instax wide photos

as well.

In April...

Adele came to visit!! Hurray!!

...and we went away with Thomas's parents and to visit friends. I particularly enjoyed April :)

In May...


I went to the Lomography meet up in Manchester where I met the Lomo Mum's

and caught the LC-A bug.

...and I caught up with photos from our visits April including Stratford Upon Avon, York, Henley in Arden and Bourton on the Water.

...and I used my Ricoh 500G for the first time and loved it.

In June...

My Grandparents came to visit, which I loved.

and I shared some pretty wedding photos.

In July...


We went to Knaresborough with our Mum's.

...and posted my favourite post ever of Harry (I just love him)

In August...

I mostly took part in the August Break and

We went to Paris!!!

(there are currently 30 posts labelled Paris and I still haven't finished...)

In September... 

 It was my dreaded26th birthday, which wasn't actually that bad at all and...

I took part in Frocktober 

...and finally organised the films and cameras that I use on my blog.

In November...


 I took part in Susannah Conway's Photo Meditations and I'm so, so glad!

(you can see related posts here)

...and I shared my first Olympus Trip roll of film.

In December...

{Group photo by Claire aka Kneehigh785}

I went to another Lomography Meet Up in Leeds which was so fun.

and I finally bought an LC-A, woohoo!

Wow, I took a lot of photos in 2011

So here's the crazy part - I used 45 films! 45!!! But looking through my 2011 posts, I'm really glad to see that I've been using more cameras and learning more about myself through them.

I can't wait to take more photos in 2012!

p.s. although thinking about it, 45 isn't even a roll a week... perhaps I should do that for 2012...