Goodbye 2009!

The best thing about having my blog is being reminded of everything that we've done this year and how amazing it actually was!

This time last year I had no idea what 2009 was going to be like...

I had no idea of all the fun things we would do.

I had no idea I would fall in love with film photography and that I would end up owning a crazy amount of cameras!

{amazing picture of my prints by Marisa}

I had no idea I would start my own photography shop.

I had no idea I would make friends with some incredibly wonderful people from all around the world - all of a sudden my little bubble doesn't seem so tiny anymore. (See my favourites!!)

I had no idea I would be sending postcards, photos, ornaments and presents to people I've never met and completely love it.

I had no idea I would be part of an amazing project that inspires me constantly

I had no idea that I would start a swap that would be so much fun!

I had no idea we would go to the beach so much! (yeay)

I had no idea I would take so many photos of our feet :)

and I had absolutely no idea that in a years time I would be so proud of myself, of us, of all of my friends and family and so grateful for everything and everyone in my life...

I am so excited and ready for 2010!