Krakow: The Salt Mine

Just outside Krakow (a slightly terrifying bus journey away) is one of Poland's most popular tourist attractions - The Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mine was definitely one of the highlights of our trip and if you ever go to Krakow, I highly recommend that you visit it- although you do start the tour by going down around 300 steps...

The tour consists of over 30 chambers, going as deep as 135m underground including chapels, chandeliers and statues completely carved of rock salt. There was also a restaurant at the end (where you could get a phone signal?!) and if you wanted to look around - a museum about the mine. We went to the museum and again, if you have the time and the energy, I highly recommend that as well - it was fascinating to see and learn more about the history of the mine and how the workers used to live down there.

I'm going to gush a little here but boy did our Yashica Autofocus do well in the mines! My phone camera seriously stuggled with the lack of light and I was a little worried that the film camera would struggle too however, its photos turned out much better than my digital ones
(though still not perfect...)

I'm just glad that we had something to share with everyone from it, as it was amazing!!
p.s. Sorry for the blog silence yesterday, I spent the day in bed with a migraine :(

p.p.s. Migraines suck!