Forgotten photos: Kirkstall Abbey

I was so focused on my 365 project last year and making sure I shared all the photos from that here (we're nearly there folks!) that I managed to forget sharing quite a few photos here that weren't a part of that project. I'm amazed at least two of these didn't make the 365 cut but I guess that's how it went! I can't wait for the Spring flowers to return to the abbey though like in the first picture, so pretty.

I absolutely adore the last photo... if you zoom in, you might be able to see the picnic they've set up on the bench and that its an adult and child together. It looks like such a perfect memory to be creating, I hope it was for them. 

Also the dirty Leeds comment on the plaque really made me laugh. It is dirty, but we southerners love it anyway!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Kirkstall Abbey

Forgotten photos: Coldingham Bay

Photo29_28A Photo30_29A Photo28_27A Photo26_25A Photo25_24A

Hello, I am back! This year I've been a bit sporadic with my posting, I don't really mind though - I'm enjoying my blog at a more leisurely pace and I think that's definitely a good thing. And the nice thing about a blog is that it doesn't demand 'where have you been?' or 'have you been writing other blogs?' when I get back (haha, imagine that).

I've slowly been trying to organise my back of house whilst I've been away - my Flickr, my blog archives, my USB stick and hard drive and I've been thoroughly enjoying going through my photos once more. I've also realised that there are still more photos from last year that I haven't shared, so this week will once more be photos from last year on here. Going through my photos I realised that in spite of all the struggles I had, 2013 was actually a pretty good year in my photographic journey - funny how these things work out isn't it.

These photos were taken at Coldingham Bay last Summer in the sunshine. I can almost feel the sunshine on my skin looking at them. I can't wait for Summer this year now.

In other news is that I do have 3 rolls of film in my bag waiting to be dropped off and developed so hopefully I will have newer photos to share soon.

Camera: Zenit B
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Coldingham Bay


On our shelves

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Often when I want to finish a roll of photos I take photos of some of my favourite things around our house :)

p.s. Timmy was Thomas's cat throughout his childhood until he went to Uni, I drew that picture of him when we first started going out (I also painted one for his parents too) so it must be about 9 years old now.

Camera: OM-10
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Leeds