Thomas's Scarborough Photos...

We were incredibly lucky whilst we were in Scarborough that although there was snow everywhere and it was freezing, especially in the sea breeze, it was still very sunny and both Thomas and I had the opportunity to take lots of photos. I still haven't developed my photos but I loved Thomas's so much that I wanted to share some of his photos here too. 
I always love the details that Thomas notices that I don't - the texture of the snow against the sand, the huge icicles hanging from the beach huts, the snow on the cliffs in the distance... I guess last weekend counted as an extended photography date :) hurray.
Photographer: Thomas
Camera: Sony H7
Location: Scarborough.

Painting with light...

After seeing Laura and Tom's photos about experimenting with the camera settings on her digital camera, Thomas and I decided to see if we could figure out light painting on his Sony H7 camera on the beach.

{an attempt at writing my name!}

The good news is that we figured out how to do it, the bad news is that we're not that great at making it look good yet lol. I can't wait to experiment further with it, perhaps we'll get photos as lovely as Laura's next time!

Thomas's Favourite Paris Photos

Hello readers, It's Thomas here sharing my final favourite photos from Paris. I hope you are enjoyed looking at the photos that myself and Rhianne took, it was really a wonderful holiday, and one that I don’t think I will ever forget.

There were so many highlights that I cannot even think to list them all, Paris is such an amazing, vibrant city. It was impossible to not be inspired by the beautiful architecture and just the general ‘feel’ of the place. We both mentioned during the week how it was no wonder that some of the worlds most creative people came from and lived in Paris. It had this vibe that was almost electric, there was something in the air all the time (apart from the great smell of food) that was indescribable and I hope that both myself and Rhianne captured that in our photos.

{the crowds, Anna Calvi and Lykke Li at Rock en Seine}

I love taking photos (maybe not quite as much as Rhianne) but more than anything I love sharing them, looking through them and reliving all the wonderful memories and im sure we will be doing that for years to come and it has been a real privilege to share some of these photos with you. I can imagine Rhianne will share many more photos and stories of our trips to Paris (and our future travels as well I can expect).

Also, before I go, I would just like to say a big big thank you to all the amazing people that Rhianne has met on For the easily distracted. I have also been so lucky to meet Adele and Wendy who were both lovely people. It is so fantastic to hear Rhianne talk about you, she is always showing me your wonderful posts and photos on different blogs. I really hope that you enjoy reading it as much as she does writing it and taking hundreds and hundreds of photos for it.

Have a great weekend!