Lovely light in the Yorkshire Dales

After sharing Kodak’s TMax 400 film last week, today is the turn of Kodaks Tri-X 400 - and my initial thoughts from this first film are WOW! Look at the way its captured the light in these photos. And unlike the TMax 400 - I didn’t need to edit these photos after scanning them, I didn’t even tweak the contrast… which I am amazed about because I’m a confessed contrast tweaker when | scan films.

Compared to the TMax 400, the Tri-X 400 has a stronger contrast, which is definitely helping with the gorgeous light here and I find the contrast really pleasing. After doing a bit of research and looking at other peoples photos with these two films, I thought I would prefer the TMax - as it does have a lovely grain and I love the mid tone greys as I mentioned last week.


However, now that I’ve used it myself, I’m finding that this film perhaps reflects my eye and vision more than the TMax 400. As much as I would love to be a fine grain photographer and someone with a sharper style, my true love is capturing light and these photos have such a lovely quality of light to them that makes my heart skip a beat.

On one hand the views like the ones above in Keld - are an easy sight to take glorious photos of, but on the other, if I’d used a different film then perhaps it wouldn’t have been captured as wonderfully. I definitely prefer these to the ones taken on my phone (which I guess isn’t really a surprise to anyone lol).

I’m looking forward to trying more of both films to see if my initial thoughts are reflected in different situations and in different places.

Film: Kodak Tri-X 400- sent to me by Kodak Alaris and developed by The Latent Image (not for free, I would just highly recommend them)

Location: Around the Yorkshire Dales, take me back!
Camera: Canon EOS 750.

p.s. its very bizarre to be sharing photos of snow on the hills after the glorious weather we’ve been having lately!

Winter appropriate weather photos

The weather here in the UK was a bit bizarre in February with some very warm weather for about a week or so. However just before that we had some season and month appropriate weather - and it looked rather atmospheric, so I of course took photos.


Even though we’ve been in our house for nearly two years now, I still can’t believe our luck living so close to so much open space - especially only being a few miles out of a big city. I very much enjoyed getting to see it in its Winter glory as well.

Camera: Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Leeds

More snow...

I couldn't help myself, it is really pretty. Even if it brings the UK to a standstill!


I have to admit that the garden in our new(ish) house is amazing. I really want a Narnia lamp to go by the stairs between the trees, wouldn't that be so dreamy in the snow. I'd even leave the house to take a photo of that!

Camera: Minolta Dynax 300si
Film: Kodak Gold (though you can't really tell in the snow, its almost B&W)