Up the Eiffel Tower...

Eeeeeeeee! We went up the Eiffel Tower! At night! To the top!

Needless to say, I was very excited about this and I still am. We hadn't planned to climb the tower on the Monday night, just visit it and have a look around the river, but there were hardly any queues to go up so we rather impulsively decided to just do it even though the top floor was closed. We queued for about 10-15 minutes I would say and then, as we got to the window to buy our tickets, the top was opened! HUZZAH!
(The nice French man said it was just for me... I believed him.)

It has to be said, Thomas was my hero that night - he doesn't like heights and he was rather uncertain at the top, but he went all the way up, he looked around and he even took photos. I'm not bothered by heights so I was practically bouncing around everywhere being generally over excited and he put up with that too.
(in fact he puts up with that most of the time, haha)

The first time I looked at these once we got back to England, I cried. I couldn't believe we'd really been there, looking at the most amazing views and taking in every that Paris at night had to offer. The photos don't really do it justice, it was stunning and a massive highlight of our visit. I want to go back.

Photographer: Thomas
Camera: Sony H7
Location: Eiffel Tower, Paris