Along the River Seine...

Both Thomas and I thought that our evening up the Eiffel Tower would be pretty hard to beat... we were wrong.

The next evening we decided to take a boat journey along the River Seine to relax and take in Paris from a different point of view. What we didn't expect was one of the most beautiful sunsets either of us have ever seen.

Isn't it dramatic how much the sky changed over the space of an hour! I love the contrast between the first and last photo of the Eiffel Tower.

Unfortunately it wasn't really light enough for my cameras to capture the sunset for long but the digital camera was perfect and Thomas caught the light so well (these are unedited btw). I also got to sit and enjoy the ride for the hour which I can't really complain about can I?

Photographer: Thomas
Camera: Sony H7
Location: Paris

p.s. Thomas actually managed to take over 200 photos in that hour, narrowing it down to these was pretty hard!