Missing the blue skies...

The weather in Leeds lately has been pretty standard Autumn English weather... which means rain. Rain and more rain.  So to cheer myself up, I've been looking at lovely blue sky photos from our visit to Filey in the summer. I figured they might cheer other people too.

Doesn't looking at these just brighten your day? Gosh I'd love to be back there right now with the fresh sea air and sunshine!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Filey, England

The August Break

Yup, its  August tomorrow - somehow?! I have no idea how! But that means its Susannah Conway's The August Break time and I'm excited!! 

I thought about not taking part this year and catching up with the rest of the photos that I just got developed but then I decided that actually a break from worrying about blogging might be just what I need right now - and I always love using The August Break to share older photos that are just floating around the archives of my Flickr and this blog...  I have over 6,000 photos taken with film now - its easy to forget about some of them.

So here's the list of prompts! I love the idea of it being mindful pleasures - I've been trying so hard with my mindfulness practice (and honestly, mostly not succeeding ha) and I'm looking forward to this focus during the month with my instagram photos.

Will you be taking part in Susannah's challenge this year? How do you like to participate?  

Don't forget to read Susannah's post about it and sign up to the blogroll!

Celebrating Summer

Photo35_34A Photo16_15A Photo17_16A Photo14_13A Photo20_19A Photo13_12A Photo21_20A

Nothing says Summer like beautiful, colourful flowers in the sunshine does it?

Technically Summer isn't over until the 22nd September this year... but it's the 1st already and the evenings are slowly getting darker and colder, and the weather here has definitely taken a turn for Autumnal. And I'm OK with that - I've dug out some blankets, found my cosy hoodies and turned the kettle on...  oh and I'll be getting my cameras ready for all the Autumn colours too! Hurray!

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Lomo CN 400