Accidental Doubles


These photos were a pleasant surprise.

I picked this film up from a bargain bucket in Manchester during the Lomo Meet Up there in February, at first all I knew waas that it was C41 and iso 200 but after getting the film developed I noticed it was called Lucky Charm, how awesome!! Anyway, the first time I tried to use it was in my first refurbished LC-A, which died 4 photos into this film, so I wound it back on to use again assuming the photos would be blank but they weren't and here are the results of this film being put through two different cameras.

The first one is my favourite, Normal for Norfolk is a shop in Wells and its name really makes me laugh and the church behind is in Leeds, so I have a bit of Yorkshire and Norfolk in one photo... perhaps that will be my next doubles project - Yorkshire vs Norfolk :)

Camera: Refurb LC-A and Olympus XA2 Film: Random iso 200 Chinese film Location: Yorkshire and Norfolk :)

Keeping it real...

I've seen a lot of blog posts lately about 'keeping it real' and it made me think about how I show my life... It's difficult to lie as such through photos, but I can be selective of what I take photos of (especially when film cameras need sunshine) but as I was thinking about these posts and worrying if perhaps I keep it real enough, I decided to take my camera out on a rainy walk home rather than waiting for it to be sunny like I usually do. I think I love the results and also showing a more honest side of Yorkshire - it rains a lot here!

Photo31_27A Photo26_22A Photo24_20A Photo25_21A Photo33_29A Photo28_24A Photo32_28A Photo30_26A Photo29_25A

This last photo is my current favourite, just because its normally me waiting in the rain for a bus.

Location: Leeds Camera: Olympus XA2 Film: Chinese Lucky Charm

12 for 2012 – Camera 6

As part of my 'take more photos' goal for this year - I decided that I wanted to use more of the cameras that I haven't actually used before in my collection. I am a little behind on these but I'm catching up and as long as I get 12 cameras done by the end of the year I'll be happy.

I'm quite excited about this camera, the Olympus XA2, I'd seen Angie's photos and review of it and it immediately went on my list of cameras that I wanted to get.

Olympus XA2

I finally got my hands on one a couple of months ago (thanks Adam!) and I've enjoyed taking it out with me. Here are some my results.

Photo09_5A Photo21_17A Photo20_16A Photo17_13A Photo15_11A CNV00010 CNV00004 CNV00020 CNV00023 CNV00011 Photo22_18A Photo35_31A Photo34_30A

I tried to be quite experimental with the photos I took with this camera, it has a flash so I tried that, I also used it inside without the flash, outside in the rain, outside in the sunshine... I wanted to get a feel for it and when I would want to use it and overall I'm quite excited about it, the flash is a great feature for if you want to capture family moments and I like the results on duller days too. Definitely a contender for regular use I think.

You can see the other cameras that I've used this year here.

Camera: Olympus XA2 Film: Random Chinese ISO 200 film Location: Leeds