Accidental Doubles


These photos were a pleasant surprise.

I picked this film up from a bargain bucket in Manchester during the Lomo Meet Up there in February, at first all I knew waas that it was C41 and iso 200 but after getting the film developed I noticed it was called Lucky Charm, how awesome!! Anyway, the first time I tried to use it was in my first refurbished LC-A, which died 4 photos into this film, so I wound it back on to use again assuming the photos would be blank but they weren't and here are the results of this film being put through two different cameras.

The first one is my favourite, Normal for Norfolk is a shop in Wells and its name really makes me laugh and the church behind is in Leeds, so I have a bit of Yorkshire and Norfolk in one photo... perhaps that will be my next doubles project - Yorkshire vs Norfolk :)

Camera: Refurb LC-A and Olympus XA2 Film: Random iso 200 Chinese film Location: Yorkshire and Norfolk :)