A very special cake club!

I've mentioned my best friend Clare here before and definitely shown photos of cakes from the Clandestine Cake Club here before too (I wouldn't look at that tag if you're hungry haha, so many pretty cakes). And once again I was very lucky enough to be invited along to a cake club event with Clare - and this time it was extra special at John Lewis in Leeds. Not only did we get to look at and eat lots of very pretty and delicious cakes, but we also got a goody bag and a massage - nice huh? I of course, took lots of photos, so here goes...

Oh boy, you want to eat cake right now I bet... I do! Amazingly we didn't eat a crazy amount of cake at this event, we've got pretty seasoned at taking a smaller amount and trying them all haha, I did take cake home though, so thats a bonus!

Clare also has some digital photos and a video of the event - so if you wonder what I sound and look like, you can see me there if you fancy that.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200 (which did amazingly well inside, I'm surprised/impressed)
Location: John Lewis, Leeds

**Shameless plug**

Hello lovely people... I interrupt this August Break programming with some shameless plugging and a quick plea! 

Last week I entered a photo into a local Leeds competition and I didn't really think much of it - but then - I got an email saying my photo was being featured on the local Made in Leeds TV channel. And it was then that I kind of believed that it was a photo actually worthy of being in a competition... so now I have a little self belief - I would love, love, love it if you could vote for my photo on Facebook as well! 

The competition is to highlight Leeds communities and the brief was to share something that means community to you. I thought about sharing the Kirkstall Markets at the Abbey as Kirkstall has a really wonderful community and we love living here - but then I remembered that the Clandestine Cake Club  was born in Leeds - and it has a worldwide community, not just a local one. I've been very lucky to go to a few events with my bestie Clare- who can really bake (lucky me!) and I've loved getting to meet new people and I know Clare has made some great friends too. So I'm really happy that I shared this photo in the end!


Thank you to anyone who does vote : )