A very special cake club!

I've mentioned my best friend Clare here before and definitely shown photos of cakes from the Clandestine Cake Club here before too (I wouldn't look at that tag if you're hungry haha, so many pretty cakes). And once again I was very lucky enough to be invited along to a cake club event with Clare - and this time it was extra special at John Lewis in Leeds. Not only did we get to look at and eat lots of very pretty and delicious cakes, but we also got a goody bag and a massage - nice huh? I of course, took lots of photos, so here goes...

Oh boy, you want to eat cake right now I bet... I do! Amazingly we didn't eat a crazy amount of cake at this event, we've got pretty seasoned at taking a smaller amount and trying them all haha, I did take cake home though, so thats a bonus!

Clare also has some digital photos and a video of the event - so if you wonder what I sound and look like, you can see me there if you fancy that.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200 (which did amazingly well inside, I'm surprised/impressed)
Location: John Lewis, Leeds

Guest post: Clare

Hi everyone, I’m Clare and I blog at A Wee Bit of Cake where you guessed it, it’s all about my love of cake!

I’ve known Rhianne for almost 10 years now. We met on our first day at uni (we did the same course) and have been friends ever since. No matter what the past 10 years has thrown at us our friendship has continued to flourish and now she’s going to be one of my bridesmaids at my wedding next year.

I was going to do a post all about cakey stuff but now I’ve started writing about our friendship, maybe that’s the route this post needs to follow.

I was there at the start when Rhianne started to delve into film photography and bought her first Holga camera. I remember sitting across from her in Yo Sushi when she first told me she had set up the blog and never did I imagine it would take her on such a journey, both emotionally and physically. She loves cameras (you should see her house) and gets the same thrill from developing photos as I do from making a cake – you have the skills and ingredients, you just have to hope when it comes out of the oven /photo lab that the results are a success.

I’ve been there as she fought with her Diana Mini to get the photos to work, she’s been there to see my cake skills develop and if anything, it’s reading For The Easily Distracted that got me interested in blogging and made me decide to set up my own wee corner of the baking world.

Anyway, enough of my rambles! Rhianne will probably kill me for this but here are a few photos from over the years. She’s probably also going to have a little cry now, she’s the emotional one of the two of us and calms down my fiery Irishness!

{  Masquerade Ball (2006), Graduation – ready to take on the world! (2008), Random trip to Belfast (2008), One of the first cakes I ever made Rhianne, I cringe now when I look at it! (2010), Bridesmaids at GeeGee’s wedding  (2014)  }

Enjoy Portugal Rhianne, wish I could have a week in the sun!

As it's Valentine's day...

Photo26_26 Photo23_23 Photo25_25

A couple of weeks ago my friend Clare - who loves cake and blogs about it here - invited me to the Wharfdale group Clandestine Cake Club and the theme for the day was 'Big Hearted Bakes'. Today seemed like the perfect day to share a couple of the heart themed photos :)

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Lomography 400
Location: Outside the Box (a lovely little cafe Clare and I would definitely recommend), Ilkley