Cupcakes and Corn Exchanges!

So these photos are a couple of weeks old now but I had to post them as I such a great day with one of my best friends.

I've been meaning to take photos properly inside Leeds Corn Exchange for a while, the first time I went there in my first year of Uni, I completely fell in love with the building and I still love it now. I'm so glad I had my Diana Mini with me that day.

{last two photos shamelessly stolen from facebook - Thanks C}

Even after we'd had pizza for lunch we went to Antony's Patisserie in there and got the cutest cupcakes - mine was the chocolate one. It was delicious!
I love lunch dates with my besties!

Oh my...

I discovered The Red Deer this morning through Grace's Birdcage (Alicia also won a postcard) and now she is following my blog as well! Hi Alicia :)

Check out her amazing cupcakes - I have never so much wanted to bake cupcakes as I do right now - especially as my lovely Mum just brought me some cute cupcake molds!! Question is: which one do I make first? The Kit Kat one really looks yummy...

p.s. I'm actually going to make some bourbon biscuit truffles tonight after seeing these Oreo Truffles on I Then Shall Live... I hope that bourbon biscuits taste as nice. I can wait for cupcakes... I think...