We like to collect things...

I often get asked what my boyfriend Thomas thinks of all my cameras around the house... and here's the great thing - he can't complain as he collects something too.
I brought Thomas a record player as a present about 5 years ago but its only recently that we've had the space to get more records and yesterday Thomas brought 4 boxes of 50 and 60's rock n roll records for a crazy bargain price.
Perhaps I have a bad influence on him...
(remember by box of cameras? Oops)
In case you were wondering, Thomas now has over 200 records... which makes my nearly 40 cameras seem quite small in comparison.
So really, people should now be asking me what I think of that :)

For Thomas...

As I mentioned before, Thomas and I don't really do anything for valentines day... so this is my little gift for him - he doesnt really look on my blog or ever at Etsy, so he probably won't see it but I think it's a pretty perfect selection for him :)

I was inspired by Diana's treasury For Him... and it was probably the fastest treasury that I've put together yet. Maybe Thomas isn't so difficult to buy for...

Can you guess some of his favourite things from this? I tried to include lots...though I'm pretty sure he'd prefer a real cat to a print.

Happy Valentines weekend lovelies, I hope you all do something amazing with someone (anyone) that you love, even if it is just making homemade pizza!!

p.s. you've seen the giveaway right? It ends soon!