More nephew photos (spoiler: he's my fave)

My nephew is growing guys! He can walk, he can talk, he can feed the birds and most importantly, he can send me kisses on the phone - which I tell you, melts my heart right to the core!

Luckily for me, we are seeing him again very soon - so I’ll get another chance to take photos and share his sweet face some more. Being an auntie is the best!

Camera: Fujifilm Zoom Date 1000
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Roundhay Park, Leeds

Elijah's first boat ride...

Did I tell you I'm now an Auntie? My sweet little nephew Elijah was born in July and of course, I'm totally smitten, besotted, head over heals in love with him. We took a week off to spend some time with our families in Norfolk which included time with my new favourite family member (Am I kidding family? Maybe... maybe not, haha!). One of these days involved a trip to Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden and a trip on the Norfolk Broads on a boat! It's been a while since we've been on the Broads, so it was lovely to be back and enjoying a favourite part of Norfolk.

I know I'm hugely biased, but how cute is my baby nephew?? Adorable! He slept straight through his first ever boat ride too haha. I'm sure as he gets older that won't happen again!

And I'm quite taken with that last photo too - I like to think its someone sat with their Grandad.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

Random photos from last year...

I still can't believe I hardly took any photos with my LC-A last year, it was my go to camera for such a long time that to barely use it feels weird. I think the batteries might be on their way out though as these images aren't as crisp as they can be with this camera, so I'll look into that. Still they have a nice film grainy fuzz to them at least!

Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Kodak BW400CN