Lomo lovers film swap... the second set. Part 3

Film-Swap Film 2 (19)Film-Swap Film 2 (13)

{You can only just see my layer on the one above but how amazing is this shot by Davide, I had to include it!}

Film-Swap Film 2 (14)Film-Swap Film 2 (15)Film-Swap Film 2 (17)

For the Lomolovers doubles swap I was partnered with Davide and I really couldn't be any more thrilled with the results. The second film was Kodak Elitechrome 100 (which Davide cross processed) that I orginally exposed with my La Sardina and sent to Davide in Italy(!) which he then put through his LC-A+.
Hurray for film swaps!!
Film swap partner: Davide Cameras: LC-A+ and La Sardina Film: Kodak Elitechrome 100 Location: England and Italy(!)

Shades of turquoise...

Remember my confession of love for this Agfa film yesterday... well here are more reasons why I really love that turquoise shift and also, another confession of love for my Superheadz camera... I knew it could produce beautiful vignetting, but this film has taken that aspect and really made it special.Compared to yesterday's photos, for some reason these doubles only seem to show hints of Davide's exposure and my photos of Wells and Harry (who I'm seeing Sunday, woo) are really prominent but I love the subtleness of layering this produces.

One of my favourite things about film is that there are so many options before you even take photos, its easy to stick with camera/film combinations but these photos remind me that I need to try as many different films as I can.

Have a great weekend! 

We're actually going home and to Wells again this weekend, so these photos are pretty fitting. Camera: Superheads Wide and Slim and LC-A+ Film: Agfa Precisa CT 100 Location: Wells-Next-the-Sea, England and Italy(!)

Lomo lovers film swap... the first set

Over the past couple of months I've been taking photos as part of the Lomo Lovers film swap.
(which reminds me, I need to do mine again soon right?)

I was partnered with Davideand these photos are from the roll of Agfa CT Precisa 100 (which I cross processed) that Davide originally took in Italy(!) with his LC-A+ and then I doubled with my Superheadz Wide and Slim. What do you think of our results?

CNV00049 CNV00041 CNV00043 CNV00044 CNV00047 CNV00048CNV00055

Even though some of the shots aren't lined up I still really like them. I was a bit dubious of green shades with cross processing after using the Lomography Xpro, but this Agfa film has a more turquoise shift rather than green and I love the shades of yellow it produces. I think I definitely need to buy some more of this film soon.

You can see the whole roll of photos here and also check out the film swap Flickr group here too.


Film: Agfa Precisa CT 100 (Xpro'd) Cameras: LC-A+ and Superheadz Wide and Slim Location: Italy(!) and England. Woo.