The first photos taken with my Minolta X-500

I’ve shared quite a few photos from this camera now and its really grown on me. I hadn’t developed black and white film anywhere before when I got this camera as part of the Emulsive secret santa but it also came with a film of Kodak Tmax 400 film, so I figured the best way to start using it was with the film I was given.

I’ve talked about this film quite a bit recently after being sent some by Kodak and I am still loving all my results that I’ve had with it so far. Its dreamy yet got such a stark contrast, which I loooove.

I was absolutely delighted when I saw these as I was on my 3rd roll in that camera by then and relieved that I liked the photos. Its definitely coming away with us when we go away soon!

Camera: Minolta X-500
Film: Kodak TMax 400 (a new fave)
Location: Leeds

A gate

Photo36_33 Photo29_27A Photo24_24 Photo21_17A
Photo21_18 Photo34_3 Photo16_12A

I'm back  - not that I was really away - just not writing. The mood strikes when it strikes I guess. I've been slowly adding all my photos from last year to Flickr rather than blogging and last week I uploaded a photo I took on one of my last walks to my old job of a gate . I didn't really think anything of it at the time as I really just want to get all those photos onto Flickr (its taking forever!)  until someone favourited it. And I thought 'Thats nice, someone likes the last photo of that gate I'll take'. And then I realised... it was the last photo of that gate I took and probably will take, ever!  (If you're wondering, its this one from the photos above)

I won't ever have to wear wellies on the 33 bus again, I won't get to stand in my little spot and soak up the sunshine, I won't see the funny little black dog I used to see most mornings, I won't see any deer wandering the fields and perhaps crossing my path. I've been in my new job for 6 months now and this is when it strikes me that I'm not on a work holiday and that I won't have to go back there eventually... I'm done. And although mostly I'm totally thrilled. I do miss my little walk in the country side - and weirdly - that gate ha.

I didn't realise I'd actually taken as many photos of it as I had - its nice to see them together.

p.s. I guess you could say this is part two of my 'its what you see' post.

Dreary weather...

Photo35_31A Photo30_26A Photo20_16A Photo18_14A Photo13_9A Photo26_22A Photo37_33A

It is currently freezing and snowing in Leeds. Not my favourite weather - and more slush than heavy and pretty (though I managed some pretty enough photos on Instagram). It seemed a bit weird to show some photos from Porto or the Summer, so I settled for some detail photos from Autumn instead.

It's still surreal to me that I have a new job and I don't walk this way any more in the morning - you get used to something after 6 years. Luckily my new job is still going so well and the pluses make up for a different walk in the morning - but when I'm crammed on a busy commuter train I do miss being alone in the middle of a field (apart from an occasional deer).  I do not however miss the buses... so that's a plus too ha. 

Camera: Zenit B
Film: Agfa Vista 400
Location: Leeds