As close to perfect winter light as you can get...


Oh boy I am excited about these photos... it's well known that the LC-A (refurbished and the plus) works incredibly well with cross processed film and I decided to try a new slide film with my LC-A - Kodak Elite Chrome 100. I've never tried it before and I'm really glad that I love the results, it's not as blue as the Lomography Xpro Chrome and the greens are much more pleasing than the Lomography Xpro. It seems warmer than both the Lomography films though and the contrasts are just stunning I think.

I also experimented a little with the aperture and depth of field with these and I think that may be worth while when using the focus with this particular refurbished LC-A as it seems a little fuzzier than I would prefer at close range... I'm really hoping that I can learn this little cameras quirks as when it works well, I love the results.

Location: Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds
Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film: Kodak Elite Chrome 100

p.s. does anyone with a refurbished LC-A have any tips for close up photos being in focus?