Photos from the camera I built...

The title for this post alone makes me happy... a camera I built. I'm still amazed about that... anyway, here are the photos. I love Leeds in the Autumn, especially around Kirkstall Abbey, its the perfect place to test cameras.

Photo24_1A Photo21_4A
Photo19_6A Photo18_7A
{one of my favourite photos of the abbey yet...}

Photo15_10A Photo12_13A
Photo11_14A Photo10_15A
Photo09_16A Photo07_18A
Photo05_20A Photo02_23A
Photo03_22A Photo14_11A

I have a great feeling about this camera - it's everything a plastic toy camera should be - it's fun, it's experimental, it's unique and it gives some interesting effects. It's easy to do multiple exposures and I love the lens flare. It's light, compact and it feels even better in your hands for knowing how it's constructed and also for the knowledge that it has a missing screw somewhere
(haha, oops, the instructions are fun to decipher...)

You can see the entire set of photos on Flickr here.
(Dad, click there! When you finally read this :p )

Have a great weekend!!

p.s. I think I'm blinking in the girls photos, oops. The perils of analogue photography :)