We made a camera!

Introducing my YELLOW gakkenflex camera, made by myself and my friends over the weekend. (And I have photos taken with it too for tomorrow's post, which means it worked and I am excited!)

I'd seen photos taken with this camera by my fellow camera enthusiast friends Unai and Cesar and they both used it for their photoswap photos too (see here and here.) I was totally captivated by the idea that it was a camera that you built yourself from a kit and I knew that I had to have one and luckily I got one for my birthday from these lovely ladies (they spoil me).

So here are some photos of us putting it together for your amusement.

{the shutter, just 4 bits of plastic and 3 springs, so clever!}

Ta da!! And to finish off, some fun (kind of) TTV photos...

This camera was so fun to put together, especially as some of the instructions weren't translated correctly (right was left, left was right etc) so we had to guess a lot from the photos but I highly recommend it if you want to try it.

Also the yellow is amazing... I love it so much!

p.s. I'm totally rocking the sock bun and also I have new red boots which I love.

p.p.s. the shutter sounds amazing, especially as I know how it works now.