A rather amazing giveaway!!

I love finding new blogs but I especially love when bloggers find me and lead me back to their amazing blogs!!

I've just recently started reading Laura's blog The Madness of Mundanity
but I am already smitten, here are few reasons why

Laura lives in London
(I heart london)
She works in a vintage camera shop
(oh my, I want to visit so bad)
She has just started a Vintage Camera Project, eep!
(I might borrow this idea with my cameras, brilliant!)
She has some amazing charity shop finds
she is holding a fabulous giveaway!!

I was hugely tempted to enter but really, I already have a lomolitos camera and some lomography photo clips and we're not eating sugar so no Haribo for me... but I had to share it!
(the polaroid brooch is super cute though...)

And I also wanted to fill out the blanks, so here goes!

I always:
Skip breakfast
Kiss boyfriend goodbye
Cry at sad films (alot)

I sometimes:
Wear heels
Forget to take my glasses off when I fall asleep
don't text back
sing in the shower

I never:
wear skirts - I have the best intentions but it never happens
have warm hands or feet
remember to take my camera when I really should have brought it
stop getting excited about getting to go home.