I love mail! (and swaps!)

This weekend was so exciting!! I received my gift swap parcel from Erika (who's blog I totally adore - I was so excited when I saw who had sent it!) and I have to admit it is the most perfect gift ever!!

Chocolate, autumn feet photo postcards, lipbalm and look at all the yellow! I am seriously smitten with the owl purse - I used it on Saturday straight away...

and the yellow flash lomography disposable camera! Eep! Just perfect - we took out it on Saturday night as well and then went for a walk along the canal on Sunday just so I could finish it off!

Erika added that you can also reuse the camera so I included the photo of it open for anyone as curious as I was to see inside (haha) I'm picking the photos up today, hurray!!

Thanks Erika for the amazing present and Carly for hosting such a great swap :D

(Now all I need to do is get round to finishing the photoswap...)