Photoswap Update!

I have finally uploaded all the photos so far onto the photoswap blog, hurray!

I can't decide if the photoswap has been a success or not -as you will see over half of the photoswappers photos aren't there... Nearly half of them are though and the ones that are there are really amazing! I'm still so excited by them.

However I am aware that some people have been disappointed with the swap and I can only say that I am as disappointed as you are - I've tried to email everyone but there is only so much chasing you can do... so...
  1. If you have developed your partners photos but they are not on the photoswap blog then please email me so we can get them on there.
  2. If you have sent your photos but not received any then please email me...

I really want to wrap this up by the end of the month so I can start sorting out another one!