Photos, film and the Photoswap!

This past weekend was rather photo orientated and I loved it!

First I finally put up my own lomography wall. I have had those clips for 4 years and I didn't realise they were lomography ones until now - I love finding out things like that and I love how it turned out!
(though sorry about the rubbish photo...)

Then Boyfriend took his film for the photoswap using Helga (the holga) whilst I walked around with Deedee (the diana mini). Watching him take photos was so much fun, he sees completely different photos in places than I do, that and he is cute!

Unfortunately the first film from my Diana was totally ruined - it completely split in half whilst I was winding it back on. I'm devestated as I took some pretty pictures in Whitby with it - I'm hoping somewhere will try and look at the half of the film still left...

and finally today is the deadline of the photoswap! (I shamelessly stole this photo from Micaela's blog of her with her photoswap camera - isn't it great!) I am so excited about seeing everyone's results and putting all the photos together!