4 Simple Goals

The mysterious thing about blogging is that time seems to have no meaning when you remember posts you've written - it feels like hardly any time has passed since my last wrote  '4 simple goals' post but I'm sure when I go to check my archives it will probably have been at least two years... (edit - 4 years! whaa?!)

However a good idea is a good idea no matter when you do it and I'm glad to say that once again, I have 4 simple goals for the year ahead. Exciting huh!

(Photo from A Beautiful Mess way back in 2010! I love that its yarn, I wasn't doing crochet or knitting the first time I used this image... but now its relevant, how funny.)

1. Meditate and do yoga nearly everyday.

Every day seems crazy ambitious but nearly every day I like the idea of definitely. I've read a few things recently that have solidified this goal for me. One was an Instagram photo from my friend Che talking about intention and the other was a Lena Dunham quote (which I can't find now, typical) about exercise being for the mind and not the body. Last year I had a solid yoga routine before the wedding but it, along with some basic self care habits, went out of the window (I know, silly me) as the wedding became more and more of a focus. It was necessary at the time, I couldn't see anything else that could give but now my intentions are the health of my brain and I know now that it isn't something I can let be a compromise anymore. So I intend to practice yoga, meditate and ground myself so that my mind is prepared and able to cope with the year ahead.

2. Read at least one book a month.

It's kind of crazy to be making myself do this because I love reading, but its another thing I just haven't been making the time for in the past 12 months. I've started books but then lived up to my blog title and been easily distracted by other things and I'm starting to get frustrated with my lack of focus and dedication to things I start but don't finish.

Books I have on my pile to read include: Empathy by Roman Krznaric, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (which amazingly I haven't read, though I have read A New World), Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, 59 seconds by Richard Wiseman and The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma... if anyone has any recommendations for something similar, or something totally different, I'd love to hear them.

3. Take at least two film photos a day, every day.

I keep starting but not finishing 365 projects with my phone because I always get bored of the digital format. So this year I'm going to try it on film. I cant wait already. I shall be writing the photos down (either on my phone or in a little diary) so i remember which day was which and of course, sharing the photos here :)

4. Breathe... and relax

Last year was so hectic and stressful - but my goals above are all things I love - reading, yoga, taking photos - not things I hate or feel I must do for anyone else other than myself. I want to enjoy my year and the ways above are all things to help that - not hinder it. So if I miss a day - I'm going to try not to stress myself out about it and remind myself, that I'm earnest (2016 word, see what I did there?) and my intentions are good and come from a healthy place, not an unhealthy one. Relax and breathe!

Have you set any goals, intentions or even new years resolutions for the year ahead? Share them in the comments!

30 AFTER 30

Today is my 30th birthday! Happy birthday me! :)

(Photo from last night rounding off my twenties with cocktails! So much fun!)

(Photo from last night rounding off my twenties with cocktails! So much fun!)

I always see those 30 before 30 posts around but if there is one thing I've learnt in my last 29 years its that I'm not disciplined or organised for before lists hahaha. I always admire people who look like they have their sh*t together though . So I decided to write an 'after' 30 list... in the pretence that one day I might get my sh*t together too haha. Though I guess its really more of a bucket list.

Here goes:

  1. Go on the longest zipline in the UK. I don't know anyone who would go with me but its definitely number 1 on the list ha. And why not bump it up to the longest zip lines in the world - amazing!!

  2. Visit the Grand Canyon. Not a small goal I know, but as its a bucket list, I might as well go big or go home!

  3. Do something radical with my hair - I have no idea what - maybe a pixie cut or rainbow hair dye haha, but something a bit different that's really not playing it safe. I'll probably hate it. Update: I cut it short, I love it.

  4. Donate my hair. Now that I don't dye my hair this is something I've been thinking about doing and if I grow it really long and cut it short - thats pretty radical right ;)

  5. Figure out my personal style. My Dad bought a book for himself on Gentleman's style last year and although I giggled a bit, I actually thought it was great that he wanted to present himself how he wants. I've put together secret boards on Pinterest of clothes I like on other people, but when I look at them and think "would I actually wear that?" the answer is usually no. Any tips for short, hourglass shapes who likes layers and not showing much flesh would be very much appreciated!

  6. Look at the stars in Northumberland at Dark Skies Park. I love stars.

  7. Oh thinking about it - I need to see the stars in the Southern Hemisphere somewhere too! I'll look the best place for that one up!

  8. Road trip around the UK. The more I travel around the UK the more I realise I haven't seen much of it at all. I suppose I need to learn to drive first...

  9. Learn to drive :)

    In fact there's so much I want to learn, so here's a quick list of things to learn:

  10. Learn how to make croissants (who doesn't love pastry?)

  11. Learn how to make a really good sauce.

  12. Learn how to sing (our neighbours are going to love me singing in the shower even more!)

  13. Learn how to knit (I'm on with this one but I'm excited about it!) Update: Still not as great as I would like but I’m made quite a few things now.

  14. Learn how to sew and actually use my sewing machine.

  15. Learn to play an instrument - but what instrument?

  16. Do 3 random courses on Coursera and learn about things I don't know about. Update: I did a degree and a diploma on Lighting and Building Services, so this one is being crossed off!

  17. Get a tattoo. Another thing I never expected to want to do - especially after one of my aunts freaked me out by trying to convince me to get one on my boob when I was a teenager ha. But one day, I think it will be the right time and for the right reason. I'm quite taken with constellation tattoos at the moment - I do love stars.

  18. #yogaeverydamnday - I would love to be one of those people who does yoga everyday - but seriously - where do people find the time? I know... you make the time... but where?! I'll figure it out at some point. I'm determined.

  19. Start and complete a photography project. I always have ideas of things but I never find one that really sticks. I'll keep thinking over this one. Update: I did a 366 project in 2016 and thinking of doing more every leap year!

  20. Go all out at the Edinburgh Fringe. See as many things as we can, eat in the nicest places, stay at a lovely hotel.... like I said before. Go big or go home ha.

  21. Watch a thunderstorm in Italy. I'm one of those weird people who loves storms and the UK is pretty rubbish for them, so to see a spectacular one in another country would be amazing. I wouldn't go as far as chasing storms though don't worry.

  22. Volunteer for The Dog's Trust (or any dogs home really - maybe even foster some dogs?).

  23. Walk the Three Peaks. And do more walking challenges. Getting my Fitbit was one of the best decisions I ever made and I know now that I really love walking. I would also love a walking holiday around the Lake District.

  24. Eat at at least ten places featured on Diners, Drives Ins and Dives or You Gotta Eat Here. Oh boy it all looks so good! These TV shows are so dangerous ha.

  25. Make my own clothes - either by sewing, crochet or knitting - hopefully even all three!

  26. Successfully plant and manage a garden (when we finally buy a house). I'd love to have a lovely garden that I've created and can maintain.

  27. Go away for a weekend on my own - Thomas isn't going to like this one ha. But since dealing with depression and recovering from it slowly every day, I realise how much I want to have time to myself, to heal, to grow, to like spending time with myself and I'd love to be brave enough to just do it and enjoy it.

  28. Do something completely random that no one would expect and love it. I know this is a bit vague but I always feel like I play life so safe, I want to so something new and say yes to an experience that I never thought I'd have - I think I'll wait to say yes to it rather than decide on what exactly that is. Hear that Universe - I'm ready when you are. Update: Got completely into Tarot. Didn’t expect it, absolutely love it. I’m totally open to more new experiences though Universe :D

  29. Try a vegan diet for a month. Update: Tried it but after cutting out gluten as well, it made me feel quite ill. I’m sad about that, but gluten free vegan is crazy hard, not suited to me and impractical for me too unfortunately.

  30. And finally, anyone who knows this won't be surprised... get a puppy. Or ten. Part of me is still heartbroken that I don't have one at 30 - I thought it would be the one thing I'd definitely do by this age but as Thomas keeps reminding me 'one day' and one day its going to be amazing!

What do you think? Have I missed anything that particularly screams "do this in my 30's" ? I'm pretty excited about it on the whole - I hope I actually do get my sh*z together and actually do them too :)