#BEDM - Travel dreams


{Visiting Paris and Krakow}

The tough part about writing this list is that there aren't many places that I don't want to go.  I haven't really travelled that much, the lists of countries I've been too are mostly in Europe (France, Belgium, Poland) so its hard to really know where to start with a list of dreams because really I want to see and photograph it all. There are a few places that I would really love to visit though.

1. The Grand Canyon - Partly for the photos but mostly just to see it - can you imagine something so vast and beautiful? I can't, not really, I want to go and soak it all in.

2. Cornwall/Devon/Dorset, England - It's funny how one of the top places that I want to go is in the same country that I live in but I've actually never been to that part of England before - I've been around most other places in England and I've been to Scotland, Wales and Ireland but never to the South West of England - I'm hoping that when I finally learn to drive we'll road trip it down there and explore for a while.

3. Tokyo, Japan - Mainly for the Studio Ghibli Museum, but Tokyo has been on my list for a while now.

4. Italy - anywhere in Italy to be honest, I couldn't decide one place, I'd almost want to take a month off and go see everything (or at least as much as I could in that month) and mostly I want to go to eat the food, seriously, fresh gnocchi... I'm there.

5. Finland/Sweden/Norway - I've bunched these together because really, I just want to see the aurora - the northern lights.

6. Easter Island, South Pacific - With everything that's been going on lately - part of me wants to get to as remote a place as I can. I've always been fascinated with this area of the world too and the statues look pretty amazing - Imagine the photos of those.

Remembrance Day

Last year I shared In Flanders Field by John McCrae in Remembrance, however this year I have dug out my photos from ten years ago(!) from a visit to Ypres in Belgium with my High School when I was 15.

I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere (perhaps here) that I always used to use 35mm film until I went to university - and here are some of the photos from my Dad's old Canon 35mm camera that I borrowed just for the trip. I remember I used one film a day which goes to show things haven't really changed that much in 10 years...

At 15, I didn't really understand the scale of lives that were sacrificed during the World Wars, both soldiers and civilians, and I remember being completely overwhelmed with sorrow at each cemetory and museum we visited.

Having visited Auschwitz this year - I am still overwhlemed with sorrow yet I was also reminded that it is so important to learn from history and to remember.