Catch up - #BEDM and 365/2013

Arghhh, it's the end of May! That means it's June tomorrow and a week from now, I'll be on holiday. Excited is an understatement (it usually is for me anyway haha). So first #BEDM. I kind of did a rubbish job with this. I started well... but my issue with this wasn't anything to do with the topics or the blogging every day - it was the level of sharing. Every once and a while I forget that actually, I'm really happy with my blog and where it is - I'm really happy sharing photos, having conversations in the comments (I always try and comment back, so definitely leave comments), sharing snippets of my life and actually, I didn't and still don't want to talk about a lot of the topics. I am glad that I pushed myself to talk about everything that I wanted to though and I'm also glad that I realised that I do love my blog and being here still, so I am incredibly grateful to Elizabeth for giving me that through this challenge. It's so easy to look at other types of blogs (lifestyle, fashion, mummy etc) and think that the grass is greener - but actually, I've spent 4 years carving out my own blog niche and I know now, that my niche is exactly where I should be... hurray!


Now, my 365 project... the good news is that I have still been doing this and I'm really enjoying it now that the weather is starting to slowly improve... the bad news is that I'm about 50 photos behind on here. Oops. So I'll share a batch today and a batch tomorrow I think. So here is 101 - 124 with some highlighted moments :)

105 - A letter card from my Grandad :) yeay!
108 - a new camera (ohhhhh) I haven't actually used it yet but I'm planning on taking it away with me.
110 - My first ever breakfast waffle and oh my... it was so good!
114 - Magnolias! Because you just have to
115 - Cake and tea on a special day with one of my very best friends. (You should check out her blog if you love cake, just saying...)
117 - I did take a photo but its of a secret project, so I can't share it here yet...
119 - I got a new phone. The camera is sooo good!
123 - Our first BBQ of the year woo!
124 - A gloriously sunny day in Knaresborough.

#BEDM - Dream Job


{Photo of me taking a photo by my friend Adam, thanks Adam!}

Ohhh, this is a fun post idea right?

From a young age, I always always wanted to be an interior designer - and for a year I even worked in an interior design firm as a design assistant - and honestly, I really loved it. I even got offered a job after I left university in London as an Interior Designer but... I turned it down.

Yup. Crazy isn't it? The thing is, I didn't turn the job down, I turned down living in London... if that job had been offered in Leeds, I would have accepted it faster than you can say 'woop'! But it wasn't... and after a year on placement in London, Thomas and I came out with more debt and stress than anything so we just couldn't afford it or the lifestyle. Although I don't have a job as a interior designer now, I've never regretted staying in Leeds or getting to have a house that isn't a crazy price to rent. I guess I picked having my life outside of work over my career, and I'm happy with the outcome of that still now.

So, other than finding a truly awesome interior design job in Leeds where they would ease me back into design work, let me have my creativity back and pay me fairly well (I work with CAD now, so I can still do it, I just can't find a job or anyone to give me another chance) my dream job would be something fun - something where its a bonus to get paid for doing something that I love, and right now - I think that would be taking photographs all over the world and getting the chance to share those photos - either here but really, anywhere. Maybe even put a book together about film photography around the world, who knows... theres so much potential with photography that often I'm overwhelmed by dream ideas.

Imagine if someone actually paid me to take film photographs in Japan or Italy though...  that would definitely be the dream :)

How on earth do you find a job like that??

#BEDM - Walk to Work

I think this is going to be my easiest post for #BEDM as I take a lot of photos on my walk to work...

Everyday I leave the house to go catch the bus - the first 10 minutes of my walk are pretty dull, and usually I'm rushing as I've only just left the house in enough time to make the bus.

But once I get off the bus, I have a lovely 10-15 minute walk (depending on traffic and how much time I have) through some fields, down into the valley and often I take a little bit longer than usual taking photos on the way. I meant to take some new photos for this post actually, but the weather hasn't been great, so I never really felt like it, instead I'll share some of my favourite from the last 4 years that I've been walking the same route.

I really enjoy my walk to work, it gives me 10 minutes to myself to slow down and enjoy my surroundings before the work day begins.

If you want to see more photos, you can see all my 'walk to work' posts here. Oh also, I have a little Lomokino video from last winter as well.