Remembrance Day

Last year I shared In Flanders Field by John McCrae in Remembrance, however this year I have dug out my photos from ten years ago(!) from a visit to Ypres in Belgium with my High School when I was 15.

I'm sure I've mentioned somewhere (perhaps here) that I always used to use 35mm film until I went to university - and here are some of the photos from my Dad's old Canon 35mm camera that I borrowed just for the trip. I remember I used one film a day which goes to show things haven't really changed that much in 10 years...

At 15, I didn't really understand the scale of lives that were sacrificed during the World Wars, both soldiers and civilians, and I remember being completely overwhelmed with sorrow at each cemetory and museum we visited.

Having visited Auschwitz this year - I am still overwhlemed with sorrow yet I was also reminded that it is so important to learn from history and to remember.