I found some of my lost photos!! I thought they were all from the negatives that were incorrectly scanned at Max Spielmann (which I did actually send to a friend to scan for me and then I lost the only copy of the digital they sent over, oh Rhianne...) but wahey, my favourites were actually on the discs and now my heart is happy because now I have these.

Photo20_18A Photo35_34A Photo33_32A Photo36_35A Photo05_3A Photo37_36A

Look, it's Harry and my Mum. Harry's little face in that last photo cracks me up and doesn't my Mum just have the loveliest smile. I'm seeing her tonight and I can not wait already (also excited about my Dad too, don't worry Dad).

I had a little cry over my temporarily lost photos, but now I think I want to cry more because I found these again, I was so upset to lose these photos especially, as I do miss little Harry and my parents when I'm not with them. Funnily enough I hadn't actually planned to post these here originally (I wanted to keep them all to myself, I'm mean like that) but I'm so happy that I have them, I'm telling the world!! Woohoo! 

p.s. Thank you to the lovely people who offered to rescan my negatives for me. The one lost film isn't actually that great a roll, so I can wait until I get my own scanner (hopefully soon) to rescan them and seriously tweak them, but my sad little heart appreciated the offers more than you could know.

Camera: Zenit B (Hence why over exposed, I'll crack it soon I'm sure) 
Films: Agfa Vista 200 & Fuji Superia 400
Location: The Farne Islands, England