Embracing the quiet and beautiful part two

I've written before that I've always felt that in taking my photos that I'm searching for something... and I think that whatever part of me it is that drives me to take photos, probably knows what I actually need from my photos more than I do. Because once again, I spent a lot of my time on the beach last week embracing the quiet and beautiful scenes around me...


These were taken in both Cromer and Wells-Next-The-Sea and I love how peaceful both beaches look, especially in the black and white.

Location: Wells and Cromer, Norfolk Camera: Refurbished LC-A Film: Kodak BW400CN

Embracing the quiet and beautiful

Photo03_2Photo19_18 Photo21_20 {I've been practising my portraits on Thomas, he's my favourite unwilling subject haha.}

Photo28_27 Photo02_1

One of my favourite things about the beach, is looking out across the sea and imagining new worlds at the other side of it or maybe a reflected world where I'm actually just looking at myself, and sometimes I imagine nothing, just water, sky and blue (or grey) forever...

Does anyone else do that? Do you just stand there and imagine that the beach is the end of the world and you're staring out at an amazing nothingness? A nothingness that is so still, quiet, soft and beautiful, that you are quite content to just stand there and watch it for as long as you can...

Sometimes life can be a bit much... and I'm often slow to emotionally react to things going on around me (I dread to think what that means about me) and lately life has caught up with me in my head, and being on the beach and taking these photos helped me slow down, empty out the unwanted thought processes (of which there are many) and focus on the beautiful and the quiet.

Location: The edge of the world (ahem, Blackpool) Film: Fuji Superia 400 Camera: Zenit B