Lovely light at Oxburgh

Sometimes I think about renaming my blog to a more photography related name, but all I really come back to is 'lovely light' because that's what I'm really chasing when I'm taking photos. I'm quite fond of my blog name though, so instead, I'll just have lots of blog posts with the same 'lovely light' title haha.


These were all taken around Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk and once again I was so excited that they let you take photos inside

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

Single Frame: Lovely Light

Inspired again by my blog photographer friend Jim and his single frame series - here is another addition of my single frames! I mentioned recently about loving light coming through windows and this is one of my recent favourites - its seemed a bit silly to put other photos in a blog post with it, when this image alone was enough to take my breath away. I hope you love it too!


Camera: Yashica Samurai
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Merchant Adventurers Hall, York