Fountains Hall

First, I apologise now for the overload of photos, but I got a little carried away taking photos of this beautiful building.

These photos are a mixture of LC-A and Zenit-B photos, you can really see the difference a light meter makes I think and also the effect that over exposing has on the Lomography 400 iso film - again some of the photos have a distinctively orange tinge to them but even sat next to the auto exposed LC-A photos, I still really like them.  You can also really see the texture that the Zenit B gives photos when you compare the two cameras, I still haven't figured out exactly what does this but I think its the shutter fabric...


Is it weird that this building took my breath away a little? I think this photo above really captures how grand and striking it looked in the sunshine.

Photo29_25A Photo04_0A Photo30_26A Photo37_33A Photo34_30A Photo33_29A Photo06_2A Photo32_28A Photo36_32A Photo31_27A Photo38_34A

Fountains Hall dates from around 1600 and is built partly with stone from the Abbey ruins. Although only a couple of rooms were open to the public, it was definitely worth a look around.

Location: Fountains Hall, England Cameras: Zenit B & Refurb LC-A Film: Lomo 400 & Agfa Vista 200



If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of my photos have this #lookupleeds tag on them.

#LookupLeeds is a project started on My Life in Leeds which encourages the exploration of Leeds through photography and I really love it. I especially love looking up when I'm taking photos, so this just gave me the excuse to do it more in Leeds. You can see all the photos tagged on Instagram here.

My Life in Leeds is also an amazing resource for anyone living in the area, so if you have a chance, do check out the website and have a good look around.

Camera: Refurbished LC-AFilm: Kodak Ektar 100Location: Leeds

Around Wells House

The buildings in Ilkley were some of my favourites that I've seen, which is why I took so many photos of them, they capture Yorkshire so well I think, especially the darker brick.

Wells House (above) was designed by Cuthbert Broderick, the man responsible from three of the most iconic buildings in Leeds, The Town Hall, The Corn Exchange and also the Leeds Museum building (which I need to photograph), so it was fun to see another building by the same architect outside of Leeds.

Wells House is now residential and I couldn't help but admire the surrounding buildings as well and how they compared to the more dramatic architecture.

Camera: Superheadz Yellow Peace
Film: Fuji Superia 200
Location: Ilkley, Yorkshire